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Jòhann Gunnarsson comes from the avant-garde jazz-rock scene in Reykjavík and has a vast education in jazz. He has a long career as a session bass player around Europe and especially in Scandinavia with diverse electronic musical projects. Since 2005 he has been composing and experimenting in the search of his unique sound, where experiencing into different musical culture and avant-garde jazz have influenced him deeply. 


His profession as an instrument constructor resulted into a re-designed version of the acoustic bass and solo albums  Genematrix perimeterstroke (collaboration with Jòel Pálsson, Ari Bragi and Hallvardur in Reykjavìk 2015), When the birds start to sing (with Arve Henriksen, Deyra Turkan, Arslan Hazreti and Florian Sighartner, 2020) and Songs For Albinos (with Thomas Morgan, Joseph Branciforte, Jozef Dumouling in  2021)  


His collaborations go from classical string ensembles to avantgarde improvised bands, including big names such as Arve Henriksen, Vincent Segal, Jóel Pálsson, Guo Gan, Florian ,Helgi Harr, Volkan Ergen, Michael Fischer, Carles Munoz Camarero, Ari Bragi Kárasson, Þórdís Gerður Jónsdóttir and Hallvarður Ásgeirsson, Stolia,  among many others.



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