jòhann gunnarsson

Is born in Reykjavik 1977  is train from jazz background and comes from the Avant-garde [jazzrock] scene in Reykjavik , his music journey started at very early age playing bass and at the age of 17 he was playing and touring in Scandinavia and Europe in [ Avantgard Band ] Stolía and electronic music protect he was involved in

In 2005 jòhann took long break from  all music but was  secretly playing and developing new musical languages,   at this time he'd moving to England for studing Violin making, Viols & Violone that are from the family of Contrabass,  the interest in instruments along with new Akùstik electronic instruments had big influence and  draw him into re-design the Akùstikbass that is an on going musical instrument making protect that is part of jóhanns vision for finding his tone as part of his musical development as a bass player & composer , music that attract and influence him is very often based on texture of sounds from different music culture ,avant-garde jazz is also in one of jòhann's interested .




His music has gained quite a notable reputation for their solo career and collaborations is always building towards new sounds adding more repertoire understanding  of sound signature style that is instantly recognizable and is becoming a sound that others are beginning to emulate and becoming increasingly heard on a national platforms, their career is at an important crossroads that could see them burst onto the international charts performing music that speaks to fans across the musical community.


Genematrix perimeterstroke , was recorded in 2015 at jóhann’s rehearsal space in Reykjavík along with   Jòel Pálsson (saxophone), Ari Bragi (Trumpet), Hallvardur (guitar & processing) 



Jóhann’s  previous project  on his Album [When the Birds starts to sing]    With  Arve Henriksen, Deyra Turkan, Arslan Hazreti  & Florian Signhartner , the protect are  compositions that he wrote in Istanbul & recorded in the City the music was released in 2020 and follow’s up with an Vinyl that is special edition with added electronic elements that  comes out in 2021. 




[Songs For Albinos]  The concept  for this Album was to record sòlo Bassizm  with Akùstikbass & electric bass elements in Collaboration with Thomas Morgan an Out of this World Doublebass player along with some of the greatest musicians on the Planet , Arve Henriksen , Joseph Branciforte & Jozef Dumoulin 




Working with string Ensembles & jazz Orchestras in many different contexts, bands and projects, ranging from

  • work with  Vincent Segal  & Guo Gan.     Volkan  Ergen, Jóel Pálsson& Ari Bragi,  ÞórdísGerdur  jónssdóttir, HallvarðurÁsgeirsson ,Helgi Harr.   Florian Sighartner ,Carles Muñoz Camarero ,Alexander  Yannilo,Bang Gang, Stolía,Arnar Gislason ,Bardi ,Ampop & Early Groovers 

Michael Fischer Orchestra And Many More